Student Retreat

21 Sep 2015 - 09:30


The Student Retreat, held in the new Economics Building of UCT on the 16 of July, was a wonderful opportunity for CoMSIRU students, who range from countries across the African continent, to gain knowledge through interaction and information sharing as well as a sense of belonging for the new comers.

The main aim of the CoMSIRU Retreat is to facilitate in-depth interactions between CoMSIRU researchers and supervisors so as to inform, enrich and illuminate the research effort.

The students presented over three sessions, of two hours each, in which they could showcase their research as well as giving them the chance to meet and discuss on their topics, their role as teaching assistants and their future in research. Therefore, the retreat had a special role in allowing students networking, by providing the time and room to get to know each other.

It was an excellent retreat and the students all took a lot away from it, both for themselves and the supervisors within CoMSIRU.