CoMSIRU wins 5 - 1 in tournament against fourth years

11 Nov 2014 - 08:45

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Once again the CoMSIRU soccer team lead after the first leg of the annual two-legged soccer tournament against the fourth year students. 

On Thursday the 27th of October 2014, the much anticipated CoMSIRU vs the Fourth Years Tournament began. A naturally shaky beginning due to the late start and uncertain weather conditions did not discourage CoMSIRU as they were able to overcome the first leg of the tournament against the fourth year students 5 – 1.

Initially, both teams were very excited and eager to win. They appeared well rehearsed and exhibited a combination of tactfulness and brilliant team work. Within 30 minutes into the game, Philemon Arito and Patrick Bukenya from CoMSIRU scored the first and second goals. Thereafter CoMSIRUs dominance in possession petered out the fourth year team and their determination and drive took a noticeable decline which was evident in their coordination on the field. Some of the players of the CoMSIRU team expressed that they felt that the match become a rather ‘one-sided affair’ after this and assumed that the fourth year students were buckling from the pressures of their theses and design projects.

CoMSIRU continued to play a very skillful game and their passing improved because their spirits were high. Their confidence had grown, making the high level of talent from their local and overseas based players even more pronounced. Subsequently Jonny Oriokot scored another goal for CoMSIRU followed by Masuzyo Chilwesa and Dennis Kiptoo, giving CoMSIRU a total of 5 goals. Despite the impossibility of the win for the fourth years, they did not stand down and managed to also finally score within the last few minutes of the game.

CoMSIRU wishes to let the fourth years know that they should not be discouraged by the first leg as they really look forward to the second and final leg with them on the 14th of November 2014. Nonetheless, quoting Philemon Arito, they also wish to mentioned that “we are the bosses, not only in the classrooms and the labs but also on the soccer field”. 

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