CoMSIRU Annual Panel Meeting

21 Sep 2015 - 07:30


On Thursday 18 June 2015, members of various engineering organisations all stepped away from their normal work to take part in the fourth annual panel meeting of the Concrete Materials and Structural Integrity Research Unit (CoMSIRU).

The day started with four well-executed student presentations which struck a chord with the panel members, as they then had an opportunity to comment on the quality of the research that CoMSIRU students were undertaking.

Panel members were then taken on a lab tour which further showcased the high standard of work conducted by the CoMSIRU students.  After a hearty lunch, we bid farewell to the students, and the directors and panel members then made their way to the Snape Boardroom in the New Engineering Building to review the previous year’s (2014) annual report.

A brief PowerPoint overview of the report including CoMSIRU highlights of 2014 was presented, which highlighted the fact that we have the highest ratio of post-graduate students to staff. The panel were very impressed with the positive student numbers and also expressed the desire to see CoMSIRU grow, in terms of the need of the country for this expertise.

The panel meeting officially adjourned at 16:00.  Members of the panel were advised of the next annual review which is set to take place on 19 May 2016.