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CoMSIRU is integrally involved in two postgraduate programmes within the Department of Civil Engineering, namely the Structural Engineering and Materials (SEM) Programme and the Civil Infrastructure Management and Maintenance (CIMM) Programme.
CIMM was developed by CoMSIRU to offer a broad range of knowledge and skills including asset management, maintenance, and repair and rehabilitation of civil infrastructure in line with South African Government’s Immovable Asset Management Act of 2007. Courses offered in these programmes are also open to industry for continuing professional development (CPD). The list of postgraduate and CPD courses are shown below:


Postgraduate courses

Structural concrete properties and practice

The aims of the course are to provide structural engineers with fundamental and practical knowledge in concrete materials technology, to establish an understanding on modelling and designing concrete properties relevant to structural design and to create awareness of chemical and physical material characteristics of cementitious construction materials.

Structural dynamics with applications

This course aims to introduce the concepts of structural dynamics and its applications in structural engineering. Topics covered include dynamic equilibrium of structures. Response of a single degree of freedom system to dynamic excitation: free vibration, harmonic loads, impulse loading and general loading. Response of multi-degree-of-freedom systems. Free vibrations: mass, damping, and stiffness matrices; Rayleigh damping; forced vibrations: modal superposition and step by step methods. Continuous systems. Applications to seismic design of structures, blast and impact effects on structures and wind engineering.

Bridge management and maintenance

This course aims to introduce the principles of bridge management and maintenance, with a focus on both highway and railway bridges. The course expands on the basic philosophies behind bridge management systems, and their structure and implementation.

Durability and condition assessment of concrete structures

This advanced course aims to develop an understanding of durability aspects, service life design and non-destructive testing of concrete structures.

Structural performance assessment and monitoring

This aims to introduce concepts of structural health monitoring of civil infrastructure through static and dynamic field measurements, as well as finite element modelling.

Repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures

This course deals with the repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures covering condition surveys and assessment of deterioration of concrete structures; repair materials and strategies; compatibility aspects; structural requirements and procedures for rehabilitation; durability and repair audits; service life predictions; economics of repair and life- cycle costing; and practical and contractual aspects. Strengthening systems; FRP design and application are also covered.

Advanced infrastructure management

The module exposes students to the concepts of municipal infrastructure management. These concepts include the context in which Infrastructure Management Planning is done, the process of Infrastructure Management Planning and the techniques required to prepare an Infrastructure Management Plan.


Continuing professional development (CPD) courses

Bridge design, analysis and construction

This course covers various practical aspects of bridge design, analysis and construction, including bridge loads, conceptual design, structural design and construction technologies. Emphasis is on highway and railway bridges in reinforced and prestressed concrete.

Bridge management and maintenance

The course provides guidance on the development and implementation of bridge management systems to facilitate effective maintenance and rehabilitation of bridge structures.

Condition assessment and repair/strengthening of reinforced concrete structures

The purpose of the workshop is to provide participants with a fundamental and practical understanding of condition assessment of concrete structures, and concrete repair and strengthening methods.

Structural concrete properties and practice

The underlying aims of the workshop are to highlight the importance of materials in the design and performance of concrete structures and to facilitate a good understanding of modern concrete technology, in order to promote economic and sustainable design of reinforced concrete structures.