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Presentation at CoMSIRU

Postgraduate studies at UCT

CoMSIRU is integrally involved in two Postgraduate Masters programmes within the UCT Department of Civil Engineering, namely Structural Engineering and Materials (SEM) and the Civil Infrastructure Management and Maintenance (CIMM). 

CIMM was developed by CoMSIRU specifically to offer a broad range of knowledge and skills including asset management, maintenance, and repair and rehabilitation of civil infrastructure.

Courses offered in these programmes are also open to industry for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses

CPD courses are held at venues across South Africa and open to industry professionals and practitioners, academics and students.

Designated CPD courses:

  • Bridge design, analysis and construction
  • Bridge management and maintenance
  • Condition assessment and repair/strengthening of reinforced concrete structures
  • Structural concrete properties and practice

Postgraduate Masters courses offered as CPD courses:

  • Advanced infrastructure management
  • Deterioration and condition assessment of concrete structures
  • Strengthening and retrofitting of concrete structures
  • Repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures
  • Structural performance assessment and monitoring
  • Condition assessment and remedial action on steel structures
  • Structural concrete properties and practice
  • Structural dynamics with applications
  • Safety of special structures
  • Bridge management and maintenance