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Associate Professor Hans-Dieter Beushausen

Hans Beushausen joined the University of Cape Town in 1999 after having finished his first degree in Structural Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) Hamburg, Germany. Following his MSc degree in Structural Engineering in 2000, he obtained his PhD in 2005. He currently holds the position of Senior Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering, focussing his teaching efforts on the subjects of structural engineering and construction materials technology. He is a member of the Concrete Materials & Structural Integrity Research Unit (CoMSIRU) at UCT, which focuses on infrastructure performance and renewal research. His research interests include concrete durability (material aspects, durability testing, durability design and specification), performance assessment of concrete structures, repair systems for concrete structures, and bonded concrete overlays. He is Chairman of RILEM TC 230 PSC (Performance-based Specification and Control of Concrete Durability), Convener of fib TG 8.10 (Performance-based Specifications for Concrete), and an active member of the Concrete Society of Southern Africa. He has initiated and organized the successful series of ICCRRR events, the International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting, which has been held in Cape Town in 2005 and 2008, and was involved in organizing ICCRRR 2012 in connection with the 2012 RILEM Week in Cape Town. He is editor of the magazine Concrete Plant International, the international technical trade journal for the concrete producing industry and co-chairs the International Concrete Conference and Exhibition (ICCX).

Research interests

• Durability of reinforced concrete structures
o Material aspects
o Durability testing
o Durability design and specification
o Reinforcement corrosion initiation and propagation
• Performance assessment of concrete structures
• Repair systems for concrete structures damaged by reinforcement corrosion
• Bonded concrete overlays
o Bond strength issues
o Stresses due to differential volume changes
o Relaxation of restrained shrinkage stresses
o Specification and performance of concrete patch repair systems
• Innovative concrete materials (internal curing methods, SCC)

Lectures: Undergraduate

• CIV1006S: Building Science (construction materials)
• CIV2031S: Structural Engineering 1: Analysis of statically determinate systems
• CIV3035S: Structural Engineering 3: SLS analysis of reinforced and prestressed concrete members
• CIV4031F: Structural Engineering 4: ULS analysis of reinforced concrete slabs

Lectures: Postgraduate

• CIV5006Z: Advanced structural concrete engineering
• CIV5002Z: Structural concrete properties and practice
• CIV5103Z: Rehabilitation and repair of concrete structures


• RILEM TC 230 PSC: Performance-based specification and control of concrete durability (TC Chairman)
• fib TG 8.10: Performance-based specifications for concrete (Task Group Convener)
• Concrete Society of Southern Africa CSSA


• Consultant for numerous industry projects in the field of condition assessment and repair of concrete structures (list of projects available on request)


• Concrete Structures in Fire (2012)
• The Principles of Concrete Bridge Design (2011)
• Concrete Technology for Structural Engineers (2010)
• Repair of Corrosion-damaged Reinforced Concrete Structures 2009 and 2010)
• Concrete Repair and Crack Injection (2009)

Current postgraduate projects

• Mike Otieno (PhD): Corrosion propagation modelling in reinforced concrete structures
• Rakesh Gopinath (PhD): Carbonation prediction for concrete using performance based test methods
• Matteo Angelucci (MSc): Low Portland cement concrete: development of new mix design principles in connection with a performance-based approach
• Janina Kanjee (MSc): The influence of cracking on durability and service life
• Simon Starck (MSc): Integrating non-destructive test methods in the South African approach for durability specifications
• Nicholas Kizito (MSc): Prediction of tensile relaxation in concrete subjected to restrained deformations
• Heath Webb (MSc): Bond strength test methods for concrete overlaysPhilemon Arito (MSc): Sacrificial external anodes and their use in service life expansion
• Michael Martin (MSc): Concrete mix design and manufacturing techniques using durability enhancers
• Marco Talotti (MSc): The influence of substrate preparation on overlay bon strength
• Thomas Dittmer (MSc): Material parameters influencing the cracking of concrete patch repairs
• Lombe Mutale (MSc): Performance-based tailor-made concrete

Recently completed postgraduate projects

• Nicholas Burmeister (MSc): The durability of protective coatings for concrete structures (2012)
• Marc Gillmer (MSc): Internal curing techniques for concrete repair mortars (2012)
• Masuzyo Chilwesa (MSc): Performance-based assessment of concrete patch repair materials (2012)
• Patrick Bukenya (MSc): Non-destructive vibration analysis of concrete arch dams (2011)
• Steve Gregan (MSc): Performance assessment of FRP systems with emphasis of shear, fatigue and torsion (2012)
• Gladwell Ng’ang’a (MSc): Practical aspects of the implementation of DI-based specifications and design approach in the SA context (2012)
• Ntseoua Motsieola (MSc): Acid resistance of concrete sewer pipes (2012)
• Bruno Salvoldi (MSc): Development of a carbonation model for reinforced concrete structures (2011)
• Dennis Heimpel (MSc, Germany): Economic considerations of construction quality in the Western Cape Province, South Africa (2010)
• Jochen Knecht (MSc, Germany): Practical application of the South African Durability Index approach (2010)
• Mojabeng Tigeli (MSc): Condition assessment of corrosion damaged concrete structures (2010)
• Manuel Wieland (MSc, Germany): A comparison of service life design approaches for reinforced concrete structures (2009)
• Crispen Masuku (MSc): Tensile relaxation properties of bonded concrete overlays (2009)
• Bongani Sibanda (MSc): Structural evaluation of concrete bridges using modern non-destructive testing techniques (2009)
• Mike Otieno (MSc): Corrosion propagation in cracked and uncracked concrete (2008)

Publications: overview

• Peer-reviewed journal papers: 16
• Peer-reviewed conference papers: 39
• Chapters in technical books: 12
• Editing of conference proceedings: 5
• Other journal papers: 33