CoMSIRU’s research work is focused on developing a deep understanding of both the short- and long-term behaviour of concrete and developing methodologies for producing durable and structurally sound concrete that minimises maintenance costs.

Research within CoMSIRU places a strong emphasis on understanding the deterioration mechanisms of concrete structures, development of technologies for assessment of concrete structures, as well as development of life extension of deteriorated concrete structures. This is achieved through two broad research thrusts; concrete materials and construction and structural integrity and monitoring. 

CoMSIRU’s research work is supported by state-of-the-art laboratories for concrete technology and structural concrete. The research unit integrates laboratory work, field measurements and computational modelling of materials and structures, which places the research unit in a good position to develop realistic and practical engineering solutions. 

An important consideration in deterioration science and renewal engineering is sustainability of materials and construction. To this end, the research unit has embarked on developing knowledge and technologies that may be used by structural engineers to ensure their designs are sustainable.