CIMM degrees and course outline

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Postgraduate education in CIMM at Masters level in the Department of Civil Engineering at UCT commonly results in one of three outputs:

  • Master of Science in Engineering / MSc(Eng): This is a research-based degree (120 credit dissertation plus 60 credits coursework). Generally, candidates entering this programme should have an equivalent of an Honours degree or a four-year engineering degree (civil or structural engineering).
  • Master of Engineering specialising in CIMM  / MEng: This is a coursework masters (120 credits of coursework and 60 credits of a minor dissertation). Generally, candidates entering this programme should have a four-year engineering degree or its equivalent (based primarily on academic qualifications and work-place experience).
  • Master of Engineering in CIMM / MEng (CIMME): This is a coursework masters (135 credits of coursework and 45 credits of research projects). The same rules regarding entry qualifications as for the M(Eng) apply.

The MSc(Eng) and MEng are available as fast-track programmes and can be completed over a minimum of 12 months full-time study. The MEng (CIMME) degree – and also the MEng degree – can be completed over a maximum of 5 years on a part-time basis. Students registered for the different degree programmes need to register for a certain combination of courses, outlined below. 

Course outline

Courses [credits] MSc(Eng) MEng MEng (CIMM)
Advanced Infrastructure Management [20]
Deterioration and Condition Assessment of Concrete Structures [20]
Repair and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures [20]
Strengthening and Retrofitting of Concrete Structures [20]
Structural Performance Assessment and Monitoring [20]
Condition Assessment and Remedial Action on Steel Structures [20]
Bridge Management and Maintenance [10]
Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete Structures  [10]
Safety of Special Structures [10]
Structural Dynamics with Applications [16]
Project Planning and Implementation [20]
Research Design and Methodology for Civil Engineers [16]
Special Topics in Infrastructure Management [10]

 Core Course   Elective Course. Total of [180] credits required for all degrees. 
All credits as per NQF = National Qualifications Framework. All courses HEQSF Level 9, HEQSF = Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework

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CIMM is multidisciplinary, drawing from a number of fields including Civil and Structural Engineering, Construction and Project Management, Economics and Finance. A number of courses are offered in the Faculty of Engineering the Built Environment at UCT to cover these various fields.